Our Customers

With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in the software industry, PSL has successfully delivered a range of tailored solutions for a variety of customers. While working alongside customers in the power, transportation, mineral, and aviation industries, PSL has been able to build on their knowledge and provide valuable solutions to meet each of their customer's specific needs, without exception.

Some of PSL's key customers include:

Tait Electronics
PSL has developed a number of software solutions for Tait Electronics' radio communications, including the company's latest TB8100 base station/repeater.
Comalco Aluminium
PSL developed a vessel planning system for Comalco Aluminium, which enables vessel-based planning for cargo storage, port rotation, dunnage requirements, and manifests.

South Port New Zealand
PSL developed an Internet-based warehouse and inventory system for South Port, which handles the warehousing and tracking of both break-bulk and container cargo.

More Key Customers
- Airways Corporation
- Air New Zealand
- Isaac Construction
- Meridian Energy
- Ministry for the Environment
- New Zealand Aluminium Smelters
- Vector

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"By capturing crucial data about the Port and its customers, AIMS enables us to make better and more informed decisions about our business and how we can best help our customers."
Nigel Gear, Cargo and Warehouse Manager, South Port.